Storyline QuickDraw

Why Storyline


Because Storyline QuickDraw is–




combines a freehand illustration/ voiceover production process



compared to other production techniques


easier to understand

making the communication of complex issues simple



illustration can be combined with live action and other real life shots



the storyline technique has been successful in numerous situations


Storyline QuickDraw is different to other visual communications, it can simplify the the most complex message by keeping the viewer's eyes on the screen. We know from the response we receive from our clients and their audiences that after viewing a Storyline video the level of understanding is very high. This occurs because watching a story unfurl before the viewer's eyes is both engaging and interesting. Waiting to see what the screen will deliver is something that makes the viewer stay watching, this coupled with a voice over and soundtrack explanation makes understanding much easier, almost subliminal.


A Storyline QuickDraw production is often completed within days rather than weeks following script approval, this is much quicker than a live action video production. This occurs because there is no need for the additional personnel required to complete a live shoot. Importantly, it costs less to complete a Storyline QuickDraw production, mainly due to the savings in personnel to complete the job and the fact that everything is completed at our own production house in North Sydney.


Please check out the Projects page on this website to view the variety of situations that Storyline QuickDraw has been successfully employed. From presentation to explanation, description to demonstration Storyline has a history of engaging and informing audiences.